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Self-Help / Popular Psychology

Unleash Your Full Potential

By following the simple and practical programs, principles and philosophies outlined in this book you will be shown how to: Have, be and do anything you want. Eradicate those mental obstacles such as fear, worry, depression and failure. Achieve anything you"ve only imagined and dreamed of, designing the life you want. Open the door to your mind and the tremendous potential therein.

Author: Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 9780620228657
Retail: R 155.00

Dare To Succeed

This thoroughly entertaining and thought inspiring book acts as a reminder that there is absolutely nothing stopping you from succeeding in life, but yourself. It shares with the reader an exhilarating collection of inspirational true life stories, insights, sound advice and tried and tested practical principles.

Author: Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 0620257660
Retail: R 139.00

If I Can You Can

This book is a challenge to be all you can be. By mastering the simple, yet detailed 6-part work theory covered in this book, you can make your journey through life an adventurous one, full of achievement and happiness.

Author: Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 0620279435
Retail: R 139.00

Where Has My Ceiling Gone?

This book can change every aspect of your life for the better. It is like no other motivational book, you have or will ever read. If you have dreamed of bettering your life but never thought it possible, this is a book for you.

Author: Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 0620297247
Retail: R 139.00

Get Your Act Together

This is an attention-grabbing book that simply demands a reaction from the reader. Readers may be shocked by the stark and brutal truth of the harsh and bold statements made. The aim of this "no frills", "say it as it is" motivational book is to kick-start readers into getting their act together.

Author: Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 1920084177
Retail: R 139.00

I Can't

This book packs a powerful punch with lasting effects. Learn how to change "I can't" to "I can" by sticking with the principles that have become the authors guidelines in life.

Author: Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 9781920084936
Retail: R 95.00

A Pocket Full Of Inspiration

A delightfully entertaining and talked-about little book. A small treasure trove of inspiration; this book is filled with amazing and thought inspiring true-life stories. The overall aim of this little gem is to lift your spirits and motivate you to greater heights.

Author: Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 0620259191
Retail: R 45.00

A Little Burst of Inspiration

This little gift book is an ideal keepsake filled with wonderfully entertaining and inspiring stories to warm the heart and exercise the mind. It simply bursts with inspiration!!!

Author: Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 0620311037
Retail: R 45.00

How To Catch Time Before It Catches you

This unique book covers the basic principles of time management in a very professional and "easy-to relate-to" manner. Each book comes with a workbook to assist you in making the most of your precious time.

Author: Paula Dywer
ISBN: 0620315172
Retail: R 129.00

Half Of Life is "If"

Ponder your life and the challenges you face. Then seek a fulfilling destiny by applying the contents of this handbook on a daily basis.

Author: Deon Nel
ISBN: 9780620308397
Retail: R 129.00

A Word To The Wise

Sayings for your day to make you think about life, keep your head up high and fight the good fight. Sayings for your day to make you think and ponder to keep the blues at bay and fill your life with wonder.

Author: Devra Smith
ISBN: 0620297247
Retail: R 49.00

Collection Of Motivational Quotes, Poems & Nuggets

This book is filled with a vast arrangement of powerful and life-changing quotes, poems and precious nuggets of information said and written by people worldwide.

Author: Risimati Mabasa
ISBN: 0620324023
Retail: R 109.00

Business Is Life and Life is Service

A deeply philosophical and thought-prevoking book that encourages you to dig deep within yourself and discover your talent(s) so that you may use them for the good of mankind instead of wasting them as so many of us do.

Author: Lindani Dhlomo
ISBN: 0620326182
Retail: R 98.00

The Carpenter's Story

Motivation and life management skills for the turbulent twenties and testing thirties.

Author: Vivian Reddy
ISBN: 192008424X
Retail: R 129.00

How To Live Within Your Income

Are you battling to make ends meet? Are you in danger of being buried by debt? It has never been easier to get credit, but it has never been easier to get into debt either. This book, not only gives a clear warning about credit facilities and borrowing money, but is a useful guide on how to apportion your income.

Author: Keith Worthington
ISBN: 9781920084738
Retail: R 69.00

The Ultimate Wealth Creating Opportunity

Get the fundamentals within these pages right and you will have a foundation upon which to build a financial empire.

Author: Iyan Smith
ISBN: 1920084169
Retail: R 159.00

Take Control

Do you want to be an achiever? This book will share with you the practical techniques to help you achieve everything within your reach!

Author: Motsumi Mathe
ISBN: 1920084320
Retail: R 120.00

The Power Of Purpose

This book is a practical guide to life challenges involving two and a half years of research into issues that affect our youth and to some extent adults. It is a user-friendly collection of topics, which explore real life issues that are encountered on a daily basis.

Author: Dr Bonginkosi Buthelezi
ISBN: 1920084479
Retail: R 98.00

Fan The Flame

This is an exceptional motivational book in that it speaks to all people yet has a specific message for each reader.

Author: Dr Bonginkosi Buthelezi
ISBN: 1920084517
Retail: R 110.00

Reclaim Your Power and Keep It

Do you feel overwhelmed by your past, present and future? Do you long to have your power back? Reclaim Your Power and Keep it is an inspirational and motivational book that touches on issues of love, abuse and forgiveness. The book is a step by step guide to reclaiming every aspect of one's life: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial.

Author: Gibbon Bogatsu
ISBN: 9781920084981
Retail: R 98.00

What is Marriage?

An impassioned and refreshingly honest look at marriage and what is needed to make it work in Botswana (or anywhere) today. Readers are encouraged to acknowledge the difference between love and the desire for sex as well as to be unashamedly honest to accept their own failings and the contributions they make to marital conflict. Through a series of funny examples we see that almost all of us stray from the behaviour we would like to see in a marriage, which begs the question, how we could lay the blame for problems on our partners. Readers are further encouraged to embrace the societal changes and empowerment of women that is taking place and to create a marriage based on love, respect and appreciation.

Author: George Maphane
ISBN: 9781920261115
Retail: R 139.00

A Journey of a Million Steps

An inspiring account of a traveller on the journey of life. Life is likened to a road with hills and t-junctions and to a business with products and services. Travellers are urged to plan their journeys, learn from others, grasp opportunities and plumb their depths in order to release the unique gifts within.

Advice is offered on how to deal with crossroads, fatigue and limitations. For some people the "NOW" has paid dividends because they use all its relevant resources to build a strong foundation for the FU TURE. These few individuals make this world a better place as they add the d ivers ity of wh at they foun d in their lifetime. The intenti on of this book is to help you b ecome one of the few, li ving your "NOW" and building the future for generations to come. This uplifting book will encourage readers to live to t heir full potential.

Author: Lindani Dhlomo
ISBN: 9781920261238
Retail: R 89.00

Be Inspired

A book that speaks voumes about life. Simple, deep and moving, the collection of thought provoking stories within these pages will awaken your mind, inspire and motivate you to greater heights. Be Inspired will make you want to be a better person and live life to the full.

Author: Warren Veenman & Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 9781920261832
Retail: R 109.00

Navigation Anyplace Wild

Author: Andrew Friedeman
ISBN: 9780620461634
Retail: R 269.00

30 Life Changing Laws

This book answers why things happen and why they don't, giving you a deeper insight into life and helping you to change for the better. When you understand the 30 laws in the book, you will be able to manifest your desires, live with peace and inspiration, open up your heart to experience unconditional love and live with purpose. The function of this book is to awaken the sleeping giant within you by motivating you so that you become inspired and hence become empowered.

Author: Hitesh Surujbally
ISBN: 9781920261313
Retail: R98.00

Unemployed - Get Employed

Unemployment is a worldwide problem that countless people today are faced with. What do you do as a young graduate entering a jobless market or a retrenched, middle-aged person with limited options and possibilities of employment? Sometimes when something doesn't exist, you have to create it. So why not create employment for yourself? This is a basic do-it-yourself guide to creating employment for yourself.

Author: Yvonne Swanepoel
ISBN: 9781920261771
Retail: R100.00

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders predominantly affect young females and are amongst the most lethal and disabling of all psychiatric conditions. Whilst stereotypically affecting white females, these two conditions have started to emerge amongst black females in South Africa. This book on eating disorders will provide content related to issues such as diagnosis and treatment as well as looking at the relevance for such information in the South African context.

Author: Professor Christopher Szabo
ISBN: 9781920261641
Retail: R149.00

A Shift Within

In this book, bestselling motivational author, Sally Eichhorst, shares the experiences and coping tactics which have resulted in a life-changing shift within her. After reading A Shift Within, your world should become a monumentally better place as you change your focus to get what you want from life and become aware of the power within you so you can take charge of and direct your life. Life is and will always be what you make of it so make yours what you want it to be. You can accomplish amazing things where goals become achievable and happiness no longer evades you.

Author: Sally Eichhorst
ISBN: 9780620485784
Retail: R139.00

The Human Ant

In this short, easy to grasp life guide the author shares a wealth of experience and advice. These many gems should help you ensure that your mindset is one of ownership and accountability. It will help you to "life your game", providing a framework to build a positive, proactive attitude which is essential to successfully deal with life's challenges. The Humant Ant is about human nature and the way we interact. Ants tackle all challenges with massive focussed energy and application which is not diminished by any number of setbacks; they ensure that the attributes of each colony member is optimally used... we can learn from the ants

Author: Geoff Turner
ISBN: 9781920261351
Retail: R69.00

Sitting on a Time Bomb

Trial and error is a heavy, dangerous, addictive state of comfort. This is what this book is all about - circling around the same bad condition over and over again, knowing pretty well that you need to get out of it before it is too late. This book analyses the different time bombs that one may be sitting on. This idea is to help you identify and understand the particular time bomb you are sitting on so that you may strive to resolve it. Where are you sitting? Take stock. Remember: forewarned is forearmed.

Author: Michael Rakgantsho
ISBN: 9780620469098
Retail: R79.00

Be the Best that You Can Be

Be the Best that You Can Be will help you forget all the negatives that have happened in your life and help you to be positive, always trying to reach the peak of your potential. It will show you that it doesn't matter where you come from and who you are at the present moment, the best you want to achieve is within reach and only hard work, dedication, determination and discipline will help you reach the top. This inspiring book by an energetic and positive young man bursting with potential, puts positive thinking into perspective and gives readers all the reasons why they should always strive at achieving the best in life.

Author: Setshaba Marumo
ISBN: 9780620469562
Retail: R 120.00

Smoke Of Forgiveness

Author: Nelson Makhubane Tshabalala
ISBN: 9780620526296
Retail: R 159.00