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Half Fledged She Flew

Nomthandazo Gwebu spends an idyllic childhood in the rolling hills of Zululand , but she soon discovers life's darker side. A book about innocence lost–poignant, personal and likely to raise tears.

Author: Margaret Heslop
ISBN: 1920084509
Retail: R 129.00

Searching For Noah

Strongly reminiscent of Bridget Jones' Diary, this is an emotive, fast-paced and believable examination of singledom today. This first-person narration of the transformation of a woman and her life is anything but dull and will have readers turning pages.

Dry, sometimes lightly satirical, and at all times filled with the detail of reality, the reader is drawn into a world of self-discovery seen through the eyes of a 40-something divorcee seeking love, and engrossed in the notion of a future that need not be lonely. The honest and, at times, self-effacing style of the author draws the reader into a vicarious experience of both loneliness and contentment, as she spins a tale of a life that could ha ppen to anyo ne , and the growth of an individual who refuses to give up hope.

Author: Hester Dobat
ISBN: 9781920261092
Retail: R 129.00

Phonecia and The Dark Principal

In this fantasy world, a world that defies description, Tolkien and Lewis join forces with Kipling; Pratchett ricochets into Rowling, and Spielberg tangos with Disney. The result is a rollicking, riotous, rumbustious inter-galactic adventure that mixes up fact, fiction and fantasy with gay abandon.

Author: Keith Adams
ISBN: 9781920084561
Retail: R 195.00

Dassies In The Hills

The aged Tamara, a Basuto, who after many journeys has found peace in a cave in the Zambezi Valley, is suddenly confronted by the killing of a white hunter. Through his memories of places he has seen, people he has met and the tales he has been told, he is able to discover the reasons leading to the man's death.

Author: Bill Crook
ISBN: 1920084460
Retail: R 159.00


After 1994 the South African landscape is ripped arpart by the ANC corruption and incompetence. A narcissitc elite breeds new and spectacular forms of racism. Armstrong abandons his capitalist roots in the plundered streets of Durban, looking for a revivial of the African Dream in the mystic Karoo. This is the frank account of a White African struggle in the sometimes crushing changes of post-apartheid South Africa.

Author: Ian Campbell-Gillies
ISBN: 9781920261467
Retail: R 180.00


"Re a itse gore se sa feleng se a tlhola. Le fa re ka nna mo mathateng a makae, re tla fenya mme botshelo bo tswele pele. Se segolo ke gore ga re a tshwanela go itlhoboga. Fa o ka reetsa sentle, kgotsa wa leba sentle, o ka lemoga gore mathata a o reng o na le ona a mannye fa o bona kgotsa o utlwa ka a ba bangwe. Gape re se ka ra itebatsa gore matlo go sha mabapi, fifing go tshwaranwa ka dikobo, mabogo dinku a a thebana, motho ke motho ka batho ba bangwe, o se bone nong go rakalala godimo go ya tlase ke ga yona, moepa lemena o a le ikepela, o se tshege yo o weleng mareledi a sa le pele. Fare ka lemoga fela gore ruri re a tlhokana mo botshelong, botshelo bo tla sedimoga go fetisa ka mo bo sedimogi leng ke teng. Fa o utlwisa motho a le esi botlhoko, go na le ba bangwe ba ba amegang foo, batsadi, bana ba ga mmagwe, bommangwanagwe, le ba bangwe ba o sa ba itseng. batlile ke lebala, bona o na le madi o sena madi, letsatsi le tlhaba le bo le phirima. Ga le eme le go letela gore o nne le one. Jaanong a o a lemoga gore le fa go ntse jang, le fa go le boima go le kae go hema gona o a hema? Jaanong ge mogaetsho, Itumelele Botshelo.

Author: Jeanette Gabonnwe
ISBN: 9780620463409
Retail: R 98.00

Babylon Quest for Love

"Several Hebrew captives arrive in Babylon from the land of Judah. Among them are Darniil and his sister Helez. King Nebuchadnezzar's aim is to educate them in the ways and laws of Babylon so they can serve in his court. Murder, threats and escape from the fiery furnace of execution follow as their life in Babylon unfolds.Helez, a plain Hebrew girl of noble birth, falls in love with Zarko-Bel son of the chief army commander. Their inlikely love is threatened by his reputation as a womaniser and by the fact that he serves other gods. Will she eventually open herself to be loved or stay true to her faith?"

Author: Leo Berman
ISBN: 9780620457590
Retail: R 195.00

Double Identity

Teri Moore was the girl with everything as she blazed a triumphant trail across the rugby and athletics fields of Europe. A combination of strength, speed and glamour made her the World's top sports star. But Teri was flawed! Would her demons within finally rise up and destroy her? Or would other evil forces gathering in the opposite side of the world destroy her first?

Author: Peter Ibbetson
ISBN: 9781920261368
Retail: R139.00