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Actual Factual Thoughts

An A-Z collection of the author's thoughts, cleverly portrayed in poetry. Some will tug at your heart strings, others will exercise your mind and still more are sure to make you smile. There is something for everyone in this wonderful compilation.

Author: Ed Vogel
ISBN: 0620330635
Retail: R 109.00

Alex Angel

This collection of poems by Alex is a pouring out of the everyday troubles and complexities of life: poetry becoming the medium in which he could write, fight and lay down his woes. The illustrations of these poems are by his mother, done after his death in an accident in 2003; a computer montage of the real and the spiritual World.

Author: Liesbeth Groenewald & Alex Groenewald
ISBN: 1920084096
Retail: R 120.00

Messages From The Heart

A book filled with inspirational poems from the heart. Let the Author take you on a journey as she travels through all the familiar phases of love and as she reaches her destination, allow her to introduce you to the ultimate love experience of the Lord. Her wish for you is that you too will experience this ultimate love.

Author: Mary Ann Rossouw
ISBN: 0620326220
Retail: R 80.00