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Losing My Balance

The true story of a 27-year-old woman"s life changing fight against Breast Cancer. The positive message of this book can and should be enjoyed by all women. A highly inspirational book that will touch your soul.

Author: Carrie Brown
ISBN: 9781920084660
Retail: R 139.00

Out Of Africa - A Doctors Life

A fascinating and often humorous look at the "inside story" of a Doctor's daily life in a rural hospital in Africa. These true stories are steeped with rich African culture and interesting medical scenarios.

Author: Jens Kargaard
ISBN: 0620326204
Retail: R 129.00


A story of hope for those facing HIV / AIDS.

Author: Karyn Pieterse
ISBN: 1920084150
Retail: R 69.00

Cons In Consumerland

Colleen Shearer"s consumer column, Talking Shop, was described as having a sting in its tail. This lighthearted book details some of Colleen"s trail-blazing experiences in her campaign for consumer rights.

Author: Colleen Shearer
ISBN: 1920084525
Retail: R 159.00

Pierre de Charmoy - What Happened

This is the autobiography of South African singer, songwriter, Pierre de Charmoy. It tells of a boy growing up in the wonderfully natural environment of a sugarcane farm on the Kwa-Zulu Natal Coast and shares many of his happy childhood memories and early experiences at boarding school. Details, such as the devastation he experienced with the break-up of his family, his French heritage and his love for history add interest, while amusing incidents, and an insider"s view of the fascinating world of the music industry make for interesting reading. CD included.

Author: Karen de Charmoy
ISBN: 9781920084790
Retail: R 169.00

Who is The Barbarian?

A true story following the life of a woman who grew up in a small rural African missionary village and was raised by retired teachers and devoted Christians. This in itself had its challenges, but they were nothing compared to the trauma that awaited her. Throughout the book there is a large build up as the reader waits to see who he, the Barbarian, may be as the title suits so many of the people in the story. A teacher like her parents, the author attempts to explain how a once popular, cheerful and lively woman could become a very lonely, dejected and pathetic shell of her prior self, full of hurt and hatred.
She tells of over twenty three years of being unfairly treated even barbarically treated. This is an insight into her world, allowing readers to hear a voice and experience a life and a story that is a unique African perspective on the world.

Author: Likopo Samudzi
ISBN: 9781920084905
Retail: R 129.00

Emails from a Jewish Grandmother

With humour, refreshing insight and intelligence, Mona Berman transports us across continents and between generations on a journey of cyber-communication. her witty seamless staire explores culture and manners in the contemporary world, and offers something quite different. In this poignant story, full of irony, compassion and wisdom, our central character, maizie, decides to start a cyber-grandmothering programme to transforms the world.

Author: Mona Berman
ISBN: 9781920261177
Retail: R130.00

White African Slave

In the last decade of the twentieth century, Afrikaans speaking, white South African cabin attendant, Katherine, is struggling towards her dream of becoming an airline pilot, as she scrimps together the money for one flying lesson a month on her pityful salary. However, as the new millenium approaches in post apartheid South Africa, a few more obstacles than mere finances stand in her way. The reveresed racism of the new South Africa`s Affirmative Action lasw effectively bar her from joining the Air Force and destroy her hope of entering the South African Airways Cadet scheme. Follow the story through to find out if she finally finds a job in her own country.

Author: Mike McDougall
ISBN: 978192061320
Retail: R 199.00

Turn the Page and Close the Book

Turn the Page and Close the book will make you realise that we all share the same fears in life. How do you inspire the uninspired? Turn to one of the pages and there might just be a message for you. The book allows the reader to self reflect and find themselves within themselves. This collection of diary entries was written by a successful businesswoman and details her search for inner happiness. It touches on everday scenarios like the importance of motherhood, disappointments in life, divorce, depression, friendships, forgiveness and ultimately love for oneself.

Author: Vivian Aumuller
ISBN: 9781920261818
Retail: R160.00

Peacekeeper in Cambodia

In 1992 a United Nations mission was invited to help Camodia turn its back on a violent past. Soon several hundred men of the Foreign legion were wrestling with peacekeeping duties for the first time in their history. This is the totally fascinating account of a boy with a dream - a dream to join the French Foreign legion. If you feel tangled up and out of reach of your dreams, why not follow the adventure of this Pinetown boy who abandoned caution and ran to follow the drums?

Author: Rhys Jones
ISBN: 9780620472593
Retail: R118.00

Cheeky Native

Ernest Mchunu's amazing journey to international prominence began in a tiny room in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg in 1937. He had a vision and never gave up on it, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve his goals. He made his dreams a reality by becoming a manager and subsequently going to America and beyond.

Author: Ernest Mchunu
ISBN: 9780620472609
Retail: R239.00

Dare to Care

In the beautiful Mpumalanga, place of the rising sun, a new day was born for rape survivors when they began to receive the best possible care at the Hospital's newly established Care room. Dreams of making a difference were cruelly shattered when a high-powered government official became obsessed with bringing down those who had started this initiative and threatened with "brutal steps. So determined was she to get rid of those involved in the establishment of this facility, which was vital in the fight against HIV/AIDS, that she would stop at nothing even if it meant rape survivors were sentenced to death in that they could not receive Anti-Retroviral Treatment. The "Batho Pele Principals: of putting people first and the "Patients' Rights Charter", which guarantees access to the best possible medical care - were best kept on posters, safely mounted on the walls of all Health facilities - to impress the public. the reality was certainly not a reflection of these rights and principles as the author spent most not a reflection of these rights and principles as the author spent most of his time trying to keep the hospital running amidst insurmountable problems. Meanwhile the Department of Health in Mpumalanga looked on ignorantly with complete lack of insight into the crisis and urgency of problems faced by the hospital.

Author: Dr Thys von Mollendorff
ISBN: 9781920261191
Retail: R169.00

A Thousand Orange Angels

Author: Rania Owais
ISBN: 9780620519335
Retail: R 189.00