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The King's Eye & John Voster's Elbow

A memoir of the life and times of a political reporter who worked all over Africa for over 40 years, during which he has been a witness to many of the momentous events stirred up by the continent's dramatic winds of change. This African odyssey is structured around the 30-year span marking the rise, fall and rise of the ANC in South Africa, from the time Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for life in 1964 to his election as the country's president in 1994.Full of fascinating, touching and sometimes hysterical anecdotal asides inside glimpses into the life of a travelling journalist, intimate portraits of the characters who reported on and sometimes made the news, and incisive commentary by a journalist who really can say, I was there. This veteran journalist who spent much of his career reporting for Time magazine as bureau chief in southern Africa writes in his intelligent, easy-reading style a book that will appeal to anyone interested in Africa not just its politics, but also its people. Though some of the scenes lead to despair, even tears, there are many that delight. Engaging, moving, satisfying, relevant, topical and profound, this satisfies on all levels, and leaves one with hope for the future.

Author: Peter Hawthorne
ISBN: 9781920261252
Retail: R 189.00


Author: Paul J Els
ISBN: 9781920084813
Retail: R 229.00