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South Africans in London

A book containing a wealth of information about ex-South Africans who now live in London. These are not back-packers or people on their two year gap holiday; but rather ex-South Africans who have lived in London for years, some with permanent residence or British citizenship and others in the process of applying for residence after immigrating there. Here they talk about life in London, their social and business lives, friends and family in London and SA, property, accomodation, holidays, sport, work, children, healthcare, transport etc

Author: Gary Robertson
ISBN: 9781920261405
Retail: R160.00

The Legal Aspects of Dying

The idea of writing the booklet has been a 'kernel' in the back of my mind for more than 27 years and now it is a reality. The research carried out and the conversations held while preparing for and putting the booklet together have been extremely informative and made it possible for me to face death with a new confidence and it is hoped that this is what it will be for you, your family and friends. Death is not a choice for any of us and it will come at some time, not always a time convenient to us, but if we are prepared, the grieving process will be that much easier.

Author: Vicky Ireland
ISBN: 9780620484473
Retail: R 115.00