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Religious / Inspirational

Godly Generation

This is an ideal book for young people who want to grow in their Christian faith. It is challenging as well as relevant to the day-to-day issues that young people are faced with.

Author: Buhle Dlamini
ISBN: 06203315210
Retail: R 69.00

Praise The Lord In Song

A glorious collection of 63 world renowned hymns. Each hymn includes a detailed background history including Author, Musician, tune & meaning.

Author: Merilyn Tomkins
ISBN: 1920084193
Retail: R 169.00

The Wise Women From Tekoa

Journey with the wise woman from Tekoa as she returns from Jerusalem to her home. The holy gift of wisdom enables her to change the lives of 12 people she meets along the way - one for each of the tribes of Israel.

Author: Lynne Robinson
ISBN: 1920084363
Retail: R 89.00

Changing Gears and Changing Direction

As travellers on life"s road, we are constantly called on to make choices (select the right gear for the task) and our decisions always have consequences. Like the driver of a vehicle, we too have a responsibility to other users of life"s road. This book strives to illustrate the importance of choosing the right gear (skill and resource) for the task (or challenge) at hand. The question of whether or not to continue along a road (regardless of the consequences resulting from an unbalanced life) is a major subject of this book. The key to real fulfilment is discovering the true meaning of life. As a result of reading this book, your life and the lives of those around you will be changed i n a positive and fulfilling way forever.

Author: Derrick Dixon
ISBN: 9781920261146
Retail: R 159.00

Is The Moon Made of Cheese?

In this collection of four essays on LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING, the subject of INTELLECTUAL CHRISTIANITY is tackled. Logical arguments and theories are backed up by a well qualified author whose own experience and deep personal conviction, combined with an informal approach succeeds in making what can often be a challenging and scholarly subject easy to read. Flashes of underlying "Spud-like" humour and expressions of almost boyish enthusiasm make the read even more refreshing. So if your logic and analytical, scientific mind is affecting your faith, have no fear! There is no reason why science and the Bible cannot agree. After completing these essays you will be able to answer many of the e ve ryday questions pondered over by many Christians.

Author: Allan Parkinson
ISBN: 9781920261009
Retail: R 129.00

Intercede Effectively

This refreshing and inspiring book is a must-read for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of prayer and indeed for any Christian. It is also essential reading for anyone who might be feeling weighed down by the past or fearful of the days that lie ahead. It will intrigue, provoke and inspire you with views on your responsibility and prayer life. This manual of help will push your spiritual buttons and cause you to reevaluate your spiritual path and prayer life. It is sure to stimulate your thinking and make you question your own way of intercession. Intercessors will find this to be a training tool that will greatly enhance the results of intercessory prayer. It draws on the extensive experience of the author as intercessor, pastor, teacher and prophet, whereby he combines Biblical revelation and deliverance insights, helping us to rediscover our God-given purpose in intercession. It addresses crucial prayer principles and how to pray faithfully and effectively.

Author: Winston Botha
ISBN: 9781920261221
Retail: R 129.00

Jesus Our Beautiful Promise

An inspirational book of hope and encouragement for those who are downhearted or lost. The promise of a glorious future awaits those who trust in God, no matter what their circumstances may be for no one is useless in the eyes of God. He cares for you tremendously even if others in society have written you off.

Author: J Stephens
ISBN: 1920084274
Retail: R 70.00

If the Shoe Fits

A book of judgement or pehaps a Cinderella story? Actually a bit of both with no felling judgments, only unadulterated truth in action based on personal experiences. The writings, from the enigmatic pen of a once gullible introvert in search of rhyme and reason in a world that had gone completely made, had discovered Faith and Hope instead. She has since discovered the Passion of the Christ, and will take you on a fun-filled voyage of discovery sixteen times over.

Author: Carol Erasmus
ISBN: 9781920261108
Retail: R268.00

Godly Management

This book is about how God gets things done through people by using the five basic principles of management: Plan, Organise, Motivate, Direct and Control. It also hopes to instil in us how we can live a long and fruitful life by following God's word.

Author: Kenneth Roy Martin
ISBN: 9780620466646
Retail: R 79.95