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A Great Day for Gwylim

You hold in your hands a delightful dream come to life. Children will relish this wondrous world of knights in shining armour upon white steeds out to save the world. This story marries a child's natural adventurous and imaginative spirit with the higher spiritual purpose of serving God and making a difference in the world. Join Gwylim, a brave and clever soldier in this adventure. You can also be a brave soldier and always try your best to do what you know is right.

Author: Rache Gerber
ISBN: 9781920261214
Retail: R 89.00

Daring Dragons

Jack, Jillian, Andrew and Helen are the Daring Dragons with a secret mission to crack the mysteries that bewilder even adults. A prize white stallion has disappeared from Cleo's Croft leaving everyone baffled. Can the Daring Dragons succeed in finding the treasured horse and defeat a deadly gang of thieves whose only intent is to steal while trying to get rid of the young sleuths?

Author: Nishi Singh
ISBN: 192008455X
Retail: R 89.00

Lumba's New World

This is a poetic marvel that dazzles with its rich colours and sing-song words full of interesting ideas, creatures and inspirational messages.

Author: Christina Matisse
ISBN: 0620321474
Retail: R 98.00

The Adventures of Impi & Shadow

This book follows the inspirational journey of a young boy named Impi and his pet meerkat, Shadow, as they travel the land in search of new adventures and answers. Each new adventure brings with it lessons to learn and grow from.

Author: Shoni Mitchell
ISBN: 0620318627
Retail: R 69.00

Times Tables Made Easy

A brilliantly colourful and clever way of learning those challenging times tables! Times tables 1 through 12 are masterfully set to rhymes, aiding memory and adding an element of fun.

Author: Caryn Walker
ISBN: 1920084118
Retail: R 69.00

Who Stole The Rainbow?

Meet five interesting animal friends and join in their adventure as they search for the missing half of the rainbow. These colourful characters learn the very valuable lesson of saying sorry when you're wrong.

Author: Vanitha Chetty
ISBN: 1920084371
Retail: R 49.00

Siyabonga Jim

A son is born to a Zulu King and his first wife. They name him Siyabonga. But Siyabonga's life is to take an unexpected turn. Beauty, his aunt, overhears a chilling conspiracy. Siyabonga and his mother are to die at the hands of the king's scheming second wife and corrupt Sangoma. Beauty smuggles the baby to the farm where she works. What will happen when Siyabonga's true identity has to be revealed?

Author: Zinsi MacMeetton
ISBN: 9781920084585
Retail: R 70.00

Die Belangrikste Brug

Twee groot maatjies, John-Henry en Rhubarb is op reis en altyd op die uitkyk vir 'n avontuur. Op hulle reis ontmoet hulle vir Bartez. Bartez het 'n baie belangrike werk. Hy moet wag hou en almal waarsku van die groot gevaar! Saam bou die drie maatjies iets wat sal help dat niemand weer in gevaar beland nie. Hulle drie leer ook 'n baie goeie les hieruit.

Author: Johan Schwab
ISBN: 9781920084882
Retail: R 89.00

Frikkie die Vlooi

`n Wonderlik storie van Frikkie die klein vlooitjie met `n baie groot droom. Deur in homself en sy droom te glo, bereki hy dit uiteindelik. Die storie leer kinders die waarde van droom en dat ens elke dag jou droom moet leef. Hulle leer ook om nooit vir ander se drome te lag nie. Hierdie storie sal die harte van kinders, sovel as grootmense betower.

Author: Helena Marais
ISBN: 9781920261931
Retail: R 90.00

The Adventures of Drongie the Smidget

Welcome to the wonderful world of Smidgets; mystical little beings who live in at the end of the rainbow. They feel and act very much the same as we human beings do but fully grown, are only the size of a man's big toe. A young smidget names Drongie knows that smidgets should have wings and magic like fairies, so he goes on a quest to find them. On his journey he has many magical experiences and learns a lot about life and other creatures. He meets some interesting friends along the way like Mommy Robin and Carlos the Cockroach and together they have lots of fun and adventures which Drongie would never have imagined possible. Come and join Drongie on his quest - it's an adventure you will never forget.

Author: Glendyr Stavrou
ISBN: 9781920261665
Retail: R 239.00

Dolly and the Dark Pirates

This book is set on the Indian Ocean Coast off Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. Written in a unique total storytime experience style, this wonderful ocean based adventure combines: values of friendship, respect for all creatures and that of keeping promises, all of which are often lacking today; colourful characters that all children will love and that will result in the storyteller becoming wildly entertaining; a reference storyteller's guide that educates the child on Africa's geography, cultures and legends; and finally a wisked twist of humour that will keep even the most tired reader or listener entertained.

Author: Colin Bloom
ISBN: 9781920261726
Retail: R 139.00

My First Sports and Activity Book

Author: Edrees Hassan
ISBN: 9780620466172
Retail: R170.00