If you have a message or a story to tell and feel a burning desire to share it with others, then let us help you publish your work.

Whether it is a work of fiction, non fiction or poetry, big or small, we can help you.


It is difficult to get an exact price to self-publish a manuscript without first seeing it or having the book specifications on hand. Please contact us us in order to give us these specifications. We will then reply with a quote.


On receiving your manuscript, our professional team will get to work.

  • We will register your book in your name with the State Library.
  • We will obtain an ISBN no and convert it to an EAN barcode for your book.
  • Our editing department will carefully select a suitable editor from our pool of editing professionals to edit your type of book. All our editors have many years experience in journalism, writing, teaching etc.
  • Our design team will create the perfect cover and back page for your book.
  • Our design team will also lay your book out to international standards.
  • We will send you an electronic copy of your finished book. You can use it for e-books, future printing purposes, marketing or submissions to potential publishers and distributors.
  • We will print as many/or few copies of your book that you need.



We will upload your book as an e-book to feature on some of the top online bookstores in the country.
These include:

Exclusive Books


Selling printed copies of your book to the overseas market.

We will make your book available to millions of potential buyers by including it on the catalogue of the world’s largest online stores:

Amazon.com (United States of America)
Amazon.co.uk (Great Britian)
Amazon.eu (Europe)

We have an arrangement with Amazon whereby we send them a print ready format of your book. If any person orders a copy of your book on Amazon, it is printed and posted from the country where the order originated. For example; if someone in America orders your book, one copy is printed in America and posted from there. So, your book is only printed and supplied to customers as and when they order (Print On Demand). So you don’t have to pay up-front for printing and also save costs on international transport and warehousing of stock. You are paid an agreed percentage for each book sold.

Making your e-book available to millions of potential buyers worldwide

We will convert your book to an e-book and make it available for sale on Kindle (Amazon’s e-book). This reaches a worldwide market:

Amazon.com (United States of America)
Amazon.co.uk (Great Britian)
Amazon.eu (Europe)

Your books will be available for purchase on Kindle devices, Kindle Cloud Reader, and on Kindle applications for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Android-based devices, and Windows Phone 7.


We will send you our electronic marketing assistance package, which includes the following:


Publicity for your book is vital to motivate sales so we will include a detailed list of newspapers, magazines and radio stations in South Africa for you to send your book to for review purposes.


As well as tips on marketing tools i.e. book launches, posters etc. we also include a list of marketing companies/publicists who may be able to help you gain awareness and exposure for your book through press releases, securing interviews and pushing for reviews (they may also assist in organizing your book launch and book signings).


We give you a detailed contact list of all the major bookstores in South Africa. This will contain names of stores, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, as well as the name of the person you should see. Experience has shown that the most successful route to get your book into as many outlets as possible, is to get involved in the marketing yourself, as no one will be quite as passionate about it as you.


We give you a list of hundreds of libraries to contact in South Africa and market your book to.


lf you do not personally have the time to get your book into bookstores and or libraries, we give you details of several of the top S.A book distributors.


This section refers to the alternative markets open to self-publishers i.e. all markets other than bookstores and libraries. A great deal of profit can be made through these markets as trade discounts are often non-existant or very low. For example a self-publisher can sell their books at their seminars and workshops, to various clubs and associations, as well as to corporate companies for training or corporate gifts.

Overseas Publishers and Literary Agents

We give you a list of several publishers and literary agents in the United Kingdom, America and Australia that could be interested in your type of book. Sending a completed and attractive book to them will have a much greater impact than sending only the usual typed manuscript. They may decide to sign reprint rights with you and negotiate a royalties fee. Many authors have successfully gone this route to secure publishing contracts.

Overseas Distributors

We give you an excellent list of several Overseas Distributors most of which distribute worldwide. (These have been hand-selected particularly for their interest in small independent publishers or self-publishers). They may decide to take on your book for distribution worldwide and pay you regular commission cheques (usually quarterly) for the books they sell.

Outline of a Basic Marketing Plan

We will outline an example of a basic marketing plan for you to follow - these plans are often required by Overseas Distributors as part of your submission of titles.


We can feature your book on our on-line bookstore.